ABOUT Maggie Lee Wells

When it’s time to sell your Southeast Lexington home and move to your dream home…

As a homeowner, it’s only natural to reach a place where you’re current home doesn’t provide enough space and amenities to live unrestricted. You’ve decided it’s time to move! While excited about this move, you want to make sure you’re capturing all the equity you’ve earned to invest in your dream home.

Of course, there are a lot of moving parts to a sale. You have to analyze the market, price strategically, and position your home to attract qualified buyers—not just any buyer.

Without a strategic plan and a professional to guide you through the process, your move can become unnecessarily stressful. 

I can help.

All agents aren’t created equal…

Most agents won’t guide you through the sell-to-buy process or develop a strategic plan alongside you. And not every agent works full-time or has enough sales in a year to really be in touch with the market and provide a proven method to help you move seamlessly.

But you know you deserve a better experience with the least amount of stress possible. And I agree.

Maggie Lee Wells Group is different.

When I work with my clients, I provide the step-by-step support & guidance they need from our initial meeting through closing, and beyond. With my experience in the local market, I have the home-selling process systematized for convenience and ease, but, of course, I customize my approach to maximize the sale of each property. 

My “5-Step Peaceful Move Method” is why over 180 clients trust us with $42M+ sold in the Lexington, Kentucky area real estate, and routinely refer their family and friends. With my systematic process, my clients sell for the maximum price and move to their dream homes with ease.

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We’ll briefly cover your goals, how we work with clients, and if it’s a right fit, the next steps from there.

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All the best,

Maggie Wells
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